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Ayurvedic Massage




Ayurvedic Massage



Therapies at Gardoussel

"The massage was superb. I felt utterly blissed out."

At Gardoussel, guests can pamper themselves with a variety of therapies or yoga classes offered by our resident therapist Frances Yates or other qualified therapists.

*** Ayurvedic Massage

This ancient massage uses hot medicated oils and is tailored to your individual constitution. It works down both sides of the body to balance the three ‘doshas’ and instill a feeling of deep peace. The depth of the massage depends on the individual. 60€ for 60-90 mins.

*** Swedish Massage

A modern technique of massage using oil. All movements direct towards the heart and the body’s main lymphatic drainage site. It is a deep, vigorous, energising massage. 60€ for 60-90 mins.

*** Half Hour Massage

A Swedish massage concentrating on the back, face or feet - you decide! 40€.

*** Cransiosacral Therapy

This treatment is given through the clothes. It uses the rhythm of the cerebro-spinal fluid to balance the whole body. This is a very relaxing, unwinding therapy which can address and shift deep-seated imbalances and tensions held in the body. It is advisable to allow a period of rest after this treatment to give the body time to finish the unwinding which has occurred during the session. 60€ for 90 mins.

*** Ayurvedic Consultation

A first step along the path to wellness using the time-honoured principles of India’s ancient healing system.  This consultation will help you identify your unique individual constitution, understand your imbalances, and show you how to balance your ‘doshas’ using food, herbal remedies and lifestyle changes (including yoga techniques), to create health in body and mind. Cost 90€. see detailed list

*** Ayurvedic Cooking Lessons

Learn how to prepare delicious healthy vegetarian Ayurvedic food that balances your personal constitution or helps you heal or manage chronic conditions. Alex will guide you through some simple but tasty healing recipes to help you manage your doshas. Cost 90€ per hour. Group lessons possible for reduced price. see detailed list   


Please note that our therapies and classes are not necessarily available on any given day or week. Check availability or book in advance to avoid disappointment.



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